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We live in a fast-paced environment that can make it difficult to tune into what our bodies want or need from us. By taking the time to slow down and relax during treatment (whether it be massage, reiki or both), it gives us space to check in with ourselves and allows our body to naturally find its rhythm, creating a space for deep healing.

Neck Massage


The hands-on manipulation of soft tissues within the body. Massage can help alleviate the discomforts of everyday stress and over-use, as well as being helpful in navigating acute injuries or chronic pain. 

Prenatal Massage

Massage is a safe and effective way to combat the discomfort that comes with the ever changing pregnant body. It has been proven to help alleviate stress, improve sleep and it's a great way to get in touch with your body and baby during your prenatal journey.


When you cut your finger or stub your toe, you don't need to teach your body to heal. It just knows. Your body will always work towards healing itself, no matter what.

Reiki helps you find your centre, and come to a point of deep relaxation where your body can do this at it's best. 

I believe if we don't listen to our mental and emotional signals, our body begins to do the talking (or screaming) for us - think stress headaches!

Reiki gives us a safe space to slow down and listen to the whispers of our soul.

Image by Lina Trochez


45 minutes - $80 

60 minutes - $100

90 minutes - $140

All prices are including HST

Cash, Credit, Debit and E-transfers accepted

*Cash, debit or E-transfer preferred*

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